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LIRA 9.4

Nov 01, 2006 What's New in LIRA 9.4 (in comparison with LIRA 9.2)
  1. New modules and systems
    • LIR-STB module enables you to create geometry for thin-walled section of bars and calculate its stiffness properties;
    • LIR-DOC module enables you to generate overall report in tabular and graphic form for further printing options.
    • SOIL system (completely integrated in LIR-VISOR module) enables you to determine moduli of subgrade reaction according to specified geology of the site with account of neighbour buildings;
    • LIR-KM module: based on static analysis performed in LIRA and sections of steel elements and joints analysed in LIR-STC module, enables you to automatically obtain complete set of KM drawings (i.e., drawings of steel structures, such as layout of elements, lists of elements, drawings of joints, specifications). This module is available only in Russian;
    • MODEL VARIATION system enables you to unite results obtained after analysis of topologically similar design models (the same geometry, the same number and types of elements) that have different boundary conditions, material properties, soil properties, loads, etc. It allows you: 1) to take account of change in stiffness of soil under short-term loads (wind, earthquake, etc.), 2) to analyse problems of progressive fracture (delete in turn the most critical bearing elements), 3) to consider decrease in modulus of elasticity under heat load, etc.
  2. Analysis
    • absolutely rigid body is simulated by uniting rotational DOF of corresponding nodes. In practice it is used to consider influence of column body on analysis of floor slabs;
    • modules for earthquake analysis according to building codes for Moscow, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Algeria, Eurocode EC, DBN Ukraine with account of torsion;
    • calculation of frequencies and mode shapes with account of consistent mass matrix;
    • nonlinear stress-strain diagrams for materials - three-linear diagram and Geniev diagram;
    • automatic selection of step of load for problems with physical and geometrical nonlinearity;
    • calculation of moduli of subgrade reaction C1 and C2 according to algorithm of linear elastic half-space (LHS) and algorithm of linear elastic layer (LEL), according to formula proposed by Savinov for dynamic loads, current building codes for Russian Federation and Moscow are also realized;
    • account of different modulus of elasticity for the loading and unloading paths in finite elements that simulate behaviour of soil.
  3. Options
    • floor plans are imported from *.dxf format with automatic triangulation of slabs and walls;
    • analysis results for reinforcement in plate elements are exported to GLASER software.
  4. LIR-VISOR module
    • modified option for account of static load cases for dynamic masses;
    • modified options for defining nonlinear stress-strain diagrams for main material and reinforcement;
    • more PolyFilter options;
    • new types of loads - distributed projective loads on plates and bars, uniformly distributed load on bar with/without account of offset lengths;
    • standard and interactive tables may be saved for LIR-DOC module;
    • more options for selection and visualization of blocks;
    • contour and mosaic plots for moduli of subgrade reaction;
    • values of soil pressure (Rz) for bars are visualized;
    • more options for tabular documents of analysis results in BRIDGE solver;
    • enhanced system for calculation of principal and equivalent stresses (LITERA) with new criteria of rupture;
    • soil pressure (Rz) for specified load case or combination of load cases may be transformed into load on soil (Pz) for obtaining more precise values of moduli of subgrade reaction (C1, C2).
  5. LIR-STC module
    • result tables with selection and check of sections may be saved for the LIR-DOC module;
    • analysis of parametric joints of steel elements.
  6. LIR-ARM module
    • determining reinforcement according to Eurocode 2 'Design of Concrete Structures' and SNIP 52-01-03 'Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Structures'. As for the building codes realized in previous versions of LIRA, in LIRA version 9.4 you will be able to determine and check reinforcement for arbitrary bar sections (rectangular, cross, angle, T-section, I-section, ring, circle and box sections) under arbitrary combination of forces (simple and unsymmetrical bending, plane and oblique eccentrically compression-tension with account of torsion) according to ultimate and serviceability limit states;
    • determining reinforcement in plate elements according to Eurocode 2 'Design of Concrete Structures' (equations proposed by Wood) and SNIP 52-01-03 'Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Structures';
    • design of rectangular multi-storey column;
    • tables of analysis results for reinforcement may be saved for the LIR-DOC module.
  7. LIR-SB module
    • improved presentation of calculation results;
    • presentation of ellipse of inertia and calculation of statical moments of half section.

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