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  Products Version History

LIRA 9.4 (release from February 12, 2007)

Feb 12, 2007 Modifications to LIRA version 9.4 in comparison with release from November 7, 2006.


  • BRIDGE solver: restored availability for all types of analyses, added check for calculation of forces in influence lines.
  • Dynamics plus solver: presentation of repeated animation of forced vibrations is speeded up.
  • Added feature: account of stiffness of elastic foundation inside absolutely rigid body.
  • Modified analysis on dynamic load for module 33 (Uzbekistan).
  • Restored option: calculation of moments in elements of trusses (FE type 1 and FE type 4) from local loads.


  • Added option: DCF table may be specified according to DBN B.1.2- 2:2006 (Ukraine).
  • Restored option: interactive tables of LITERA system may be generated by DCF.
  • Modified dialog boxes for defining dynamic load in modules 43 (Kazakhstan) and 45 (Algeria).
  • Time history analysis: when calculating DCF, parameters for such calculation are assigned automatically. DCF table defined by the user is ignored.
  • Enhanced presentation of colour palette for mosaic and contour plots for scrolling; range values are presented exponentially.
  • Undo and Redo commands are available for editing measurement units.
  • Added option: import of design models from *.IFC files (Allplan, Revit, ArchiCAD, ADT, etc.) with automatic generation of FE mesh.
  • Added option: import of design models generated in LIR-KM module with automatic generation of FE mesh.
  • Import of design model from floor plans (*.DXF files): improved for window and door openings.
  • Restored availability of program under OS Win98 and OS WinNT 4.0.


  • Enhanced work with large problems (size of input data file is reduced, loads on soil are exported from LIR-VISOR module in less time, less system requirements are necessary).
  • Added option: values of loads on soil may be presented as mosaic plots.


  • Modified calculation of deflections on envelope diagrams in local mode.
  • Updated steel tables for square pipes.


  • Enhanced analysis of reinforcement in bars.
  • Added option: in slabs and shells it is possible to define diameter or spacing of rebars for analysis according to serviceability limit state.
  • Enhanced analysis of longitudinal reinforcement in bars according to serviceability limit state.
  • Modified analysis of transverse reinforcement in bars according to SNIP 52-01-2003.
  • Enhanced algorithm for analysis of longitudinal reinforcement for ring sections.


  • Added feature: account of specified measurement units in export of forces from LIR-VISOR module.

    LIRA 9.4

  • Updated Help system for all modules of the program in Russian/English.

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