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LIRA 9.4 (release from May 14, 2007)

May 14, 2007 Modifications to LIRA version 9.4 in comparison with release from February 12, 2007.


  • Files *.sld of large problems are opened in less time.


  • Modified option: import of design model from *.dxf files.
  • Added option: DCL table may be specified according to DBN В.1.2-2:2006 (Ukraine).
  • Enhanced presentation of contour plots of forces on plate FE in case they join solid FE.
  • Added option: automatic account of rigid bodies in the 'Transform SE into Model Fragment', 'Transform Model Fragment into SE', 'Renumber' and 'Merge' commands.
  • Different units of measurement may be used in tables of analysis results in BRIDGE solver.
  • Modified 'Fracture' dialog box in the mode of analysis results.
  • Modified option: import model from *.ifc format with automatic division into finite elements.


  • Added option: base node of rigid body may coincide with super-node.


  • Help system is added.

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