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  Products Version History

LIRA 9.4 (release from Dec 10, 2007)

Dec 13, 2007 Modifications to LIRA version 9.4 in comparison with release from May 14, 2007

LIRA 9.4

  • LIRA 9.4 supports Windows Vista.
  • Modified structure of directories: databases and settings files of LIRA 9.4 are placed in separate directories that may be defined by the user.
  • Help system of the program is presented in *.chm format.
  • Program interface of LIRA 9.4 is translated into French.
  • Updated Tutorial and 3 new examples are included.


  • Added option: import model from Revit Structure 2008 with automatic division into finite elements.
  • Added option: automatic change of decimal symbol to '.'
  • Modified definition of stiffness parameters for FE 5, FE 10, arbitrary section and arbitrary thin-walled section (RU_Y and RU_Z - projections of distance between gravity centre and shear centre of the section).
  • Increased accuracy for loads such as 'Initial displacement' and 'Initial rotation'.
  • Improved switch to visualization of stability analysis results.
  • Added option: calculation of principal and equivalent stresses for physically nonlinear solids and physically nonlinear elements of wall-beams.
  • Modified option: definition of distributed loads on solids.
  • Added options: during generating standard tables 'Reactions on fragment' the program takes into account specified measurement units, information about input data of the current analysis (lists of nodes and elements).
  • Enhanced export to DEF-PC software
      1. The program generates additional file "*." (without extension) with information about location of foundations relative to construction axes;
      2. The program generates "*.p" file with information about types of foundations;
      3. Maximum number of foundations in the complex is extended from 30 up to 99.
  • Length of problem description is extended up to 256 characters.
  • Toolbars are restored when dimensions of the main window are changed.


  • When SOIL system is activated from LIR-VISOR module, 'Do not refresh loads on soil' option is added.


  • Added option: file of analysis parameteres is now associated with problem name (.cfg).
  • Added option: the third strength criteria in shear (Coulomb-Mohr criterion) for physically nonlinear solids of 'soil' (FE 271-276).
  • Added option: list of finite elements not included in stability analysis.


  • Added option: new steel tables of cold-formed channel sections and angle sections.


  • Enchanced work with large models.


  • Enchances analysis of reinforcement in bar elements according to SNIP 52-01-2003.
  • Import of unification groups from strength analysis.

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