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  Products Version History

LIRA 9.4 (release from Dec 25, 2008)

Dec 26, 2008 Modifications to LIRA version 9.4 in comparison with release from July 10, 2008

LIRA 9.4

  • Modified option: in DCL system components with coefficient 0 are not considered when program determines the sign of the total component from dynamic load.
  • Extended set of loads that may be imported from STARK-ES to LIRA program (through *.sli file).
  • Added option: module 47 for dynamic analysis according to building code for earthquake-resistant nuclear power plants NP-031-01.
  • Added option: module 48 for dynamic analysis according to building code of Tajikistan MKS CHT 22-07-2007.
  • Modified option: module 36 for dynamic analysis (DBN B.1.1-12:2006), type of structure 5 is added (Appendix E. Stability of slopes).
  • Added option: module 49 for dynamic analysis according to DBN draft project 'High-rise buildings'.
  • Modified option: activation time for analysis of problems with many concentrated loads on plate and bar elements.
  • Updated option: automatic assignment of FE type when transforming FE mesh from 4-node elements into 3-node elements for physically nonlinear wall-beam.
  • Added option: check whether maximum number of DCL exceeds 250 combinations.
  • Extended set of import-export objects between LIRA and STARK-ES through *.sli file. Perfectly rigid bodies may be imported/exported (AGT – in LIRA, ATT - in STARK-ES).
  • Added option: numerical values of forces are presented on mosaic plots for 1-node FE.


  • Modified option: check for stiffness properties of FE 53.
  • Modified option: account of coefficient Ke in analysis of soil FE.
  • Modified option: account of load factors for nonlinear load cases in analysis of problems with super-elements.


  • Modified dialog boxes for defining and assigning materials, selecting elements and polyfilters.
  • Enhanced export of determined reinforcement to AllPlan.
  • Modified procedure for defining min percentage of reinforcement in the module of reinforcement SHELL.
  • Modified graphic presentation of analysis results for zoom option on the model fragment.
  • Modified import of user-defined materials Bc-I, Bc-II, Ac-I, Ac-II from LIR-ARM to LIR-Larm.
  • Modified import of bar FE on elastic foundation from LIR-ARM to LIR-LARM.


  • Modified tracing routine. Brackets necessary for formulas are added.
  • Updated Help system for LIR-STC module in Russian/English.
  • Added option: 10 new files of steel tables for channel sections according to GOST 8240-97.
  • Enchanced analysis of column bases. Account of welds that fix column to slab.

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