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  Products Version History

LIRA 9.6 (release from November 30, 2009)

Dec 01, 2009 Modifications to LIRA version 9.6 in comparison with release from September 1, 2009

LIRA 9.6

  • Added: 3 examples in Tutorial (English version).
  • Enhanced work with Interactive Tables for large problems takes considerably less time.
  • Enhanced export of data from Interactive Tables to Excel.
  • Added check procedure for list of nodes in influence lines for BRIDGE special solver.
  • Modified: account of sign variability for automatic generation of DCL coefficients.
  • Modified: presentation of soil pressure diagrams (Ry and Rz) for bars.
  • Modified: images from Graphic Organizer are saved correctly (error was found for Windows Vista only).
  • Restored shortcut keys in the mode of arbitrary plane triangulation ('Triangulation' dialog box, 3rd tab).
  • Added: automatic generation of exterior contour in the modes of 'Triangulation of plane contour' ('Triangulation' dialog box, 2nd and 3rd tabs).
  • For 'Dynamic plus' problems, it is possible to open 3D window from the mode of analysis results evaluation.
  • Enhanced windows for presentation of diagrams and contour plots along section of plates and solids.
  • Added: restraints are visualized in detail.
  • Enhanced import procedure from *.msh files.
  • Modified 'DCF table' dialog box.
  • Modified 'Table of dynamic load cases' dialog box.
  • Added: import/export of orthotropic materials through *.sli files.
  • Added: calculation of DCL for linear problems with assemblage.


  • Enhanced algorithm that realizes behaviour of geometrically nonlinear elements that simulate pretension (turnbuckle).
  • Modified: presentation of soil pressure in elements of thick shell (FE 45, 46, 47).
  • Added: max linear and angular displacements are included in output protocol.
  • Modified: method 3 of load application (for geometrically nonlinear problems).


  • Modified: max number of unification groups is increased from 500 up to 2000.
  • Restored: problems of 'ASSEMBLAGE plus' special solver may be calculated by forces.
  • Enhanced: export of data from Interactive Tables to Excel.


  • Restored: option to unify DCF directly from LIR-STC module.
  • Updated help system.


  • Updated help system.

    SOIL system

  • Enhanced window for presentation of soil profile.
  • Added option: labels may be assigned to soil type (see Legend column).
  • Updated help system.

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