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MONOMAKH 4.5 R2 (release from February 2010)

Mar 02, 2010 Modifications to MONOMAKH 4.5 R2 (Feb 2010) in comparison with release R1 (June 2009)

1. New method for generation of FE mesh is presented in BUILDING and SLAB modules. Previous method is labelled as method 1, new one as method 2. In method 2 there is an enhanced (relative to method 1) generation of FE mesh near supports and at edge zones. Moreover, in some cases in method 2, FE mesh automatically becomes denser relative to the specified triangulation step (most often it happens during generation of PRB). It would be helpful to select method 2 for analysis in SLAB module or for export to LIRA software from BUILDING module, that is, where reinforcement will be calculated by forces in FE. For internal FEA in BUILDING module, method 2 is not recommended.

Processing speed of solver is considerably increased.

3. BUILDING, SLAB, SOIL modules:
Additional stress invariable within compressed stratum is considered in calculation of subgrade moduli (SP 50-101-2004 section 5.5.39).

4. SLAB module:
Punching shear analysis at zones where wall joins the slab. For the present this option is recommended only for separate short walls.

5. SLAB module:
Punching shear analysis according to SNIP 52-01-2003.

6. Enhanced data transfer for map of imported displacements from BUILDING module to SLAB module.

7. BUILDING module:
One more copy option – multiply by nodes.

8. BRICK module:
Check for strengthening of brick piers with steel, RC and reinforced mortar casings. Safety factor is determined after analysis.

9. SOIL module: Rearranged menu commands. When you display arbitrary soil profile, it is possible to define soil profile lines between boreholes (for example, 1-2, 2-5, etc.). As a result, command for presentation of soil profiles between boreholes is removed.

10. In the DRAWING of Beam system (tied reinforcing cage), new options that enable the user to obtain final working drawing of a beam without any other graphical systems like AutoCAD:
    10.1. add and delete longitudinal and transverse reinforcement.
    10.2. edit arrangement of transverse reinforcement along the beam length.
    10.3. present stirrups of a beam in detail as separate fragments of a drawing.
    10.4. edit appearance of drawings.

11. Corrected bugs in several modules.

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