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LIRA 9.6 R6 (June 14, 2011)

Jun 14, 2011 Modifications to LIRA version 9.6 in comparison with release from December 15, 2010

LIRA 9.6

  • The function of smoothing of final finite elements system in flat contour triangulation mode was added.
  • The function of creating a convex hull in a 3D space at a specified set of points in "Add Element" dialog was added.
  • The ability to count changes in 33 module of dynamics contained in Seismic KMK 2.01.03-96 (Uzbekistan) was added.
  • Dynamic plus solver ("DYNAMIC +") dialog had been modified.
  • Help system got additional information added.


  • The performance of both linear and nonlinear problems has significantly increased (more than 50% increased performance).
  • The performance of data input of large problems has significantly increased (more than 40% increased performance).
  • The ability to automatically count the damping for solving linear problems in Dynamic plus solver ("DYNAMIC+") module was added.
  • Fixed an error in accounting for the elastic foundation in the elements of a thick plate and shell.
  • Fixed an error in accounting for a Perfectly Rigid Body DYNAMIC+.
  • The automatically method selection of graph optimization for stiffness matrix was implemented.


  • The ability of outputting distribution diagram of summary shear stress in cross-section was added.
  • The ability to copy both all working space and selected fragment of working space to clipboard was added.
  • The ability of changing the fonts in the calculation results window was added.
  • The ability of managing the accuracy of output data results was added.

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